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Reach your audience, live and interactively, wherever they are...

Able Media Productions has recently teamed up with another local production company to provide professional, reliable and affordable live streaming services to our existing and future clients.


Live streaming eliminates location barriers and provides a cost effective way to reach audiences around the country and the world with real time, interactive, engaging personal content.


We provide a streaming solution to suit most requirements, from a single camera basic presenter live stream to a multiple camera, multi-angle pro broadcast-like production which can be combined with graphic overlays, inserts, advertisements, and audio (such as commentary) to provide a highly effective communication channel, we can service it all.


Our standard 2 crew set up also includes industry accredited encrypted data relay redundancy which means that your stream will be secure and reliable. And since we stream to known and trusted platforms such as YouTube your streams can be accessed by anyone who has your private or public link.


Streaming can also be implemented in a wide variety of cases both publicly and privately, such as:

Teaching / Training

Corporate / Conferences / Events

Sports / Entertainment / Music

Able Media Productions first ventured into live streaming in 2017 broadcasting an informational seminar on migraine prevention and treatment for the Brain Foundation at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. This event was a simple single camera stream that hosted interactive live participation with an audience scattered across Australia.

Since then we've provided streaming services for several other industry sectors including agriculture and education, most notably a seminar on the African Swine Flu featuring presentations by world leading agricultural scientists hosted in Adelaide in 2019.

Later that year we began our streaming collaboration with another Mudgee based media company who were working with a larger Sydney based crew providing the Department of Education's NSW School Sports Unit (NSWSSU) with live streaming technology capabilities. The events took place at the Sydney Olympic Park athletic and aquatic facilities as well as the Eastern Creek Raceway and featured the countries top up and coming young sports men and women competing in track and field events as well as the all school's water polo championships.

These streams were a huge success resulting in over 150,000 views from across Australia and internationally allowing remote carers, parents, relatives, friends, classrooms and entire schools to view (and replay on demand) events and watch students live participation. The live commentary and graphics switching also gave viewers unique and specific insights into each event that would have been otherwise unknown.


This collaboration has lead us to form a new partnership to focus on providing our clients with professional streaming services to suit their budget and requirements.


Contact us now to discuss how we can help your business reach the world.

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